Can syringes be re-used?

Syringes can be re-used as long as they fit tightly to the inlet. If a syringe is loose there is a risk that air bubbles enter the system. Be very careful with hygiene and always disinfect syringes that are re-used for milk analysis.

Can I use any other cleaning detergent than Miris CLEANER™ or Miris CHECK™?


How much Miris CHECK™ is consumed?

Approximately 5 ml of Miris CHECK™ is needed to zero-set an instrument.

How much Miris CLEANER™ is consumed?

15 ml/cleaning solution is needed for each cleaning session. Miris CLEANER™ can also be used to clean the filter (approx. 10 ml each time).

What is the shelf life of the Miris CLEANER™ and Miris CHECK™in opened tubes?

3 months from opening.

What is the shelf life of the of Miris CLEANER™ and Miris CHECK™ in unopened tubes?

1 year from production (see date of expiration on the package).

How long can diluted Miris CLEANER™ solution and Miris CHECK™ solutions be stored?

Diluted solutions of Miris CLEANER™ and Miris CHECK™ should be used within 3 months from opening.

How should Miris CLEANER™ and Miris CHECK™ be stored?

Store the concentrate of Miris CLEANER™ and Miris CHECK™ dark, at room temperature (20-30°C), sealed in container in which it is supplied. Store the diluted solution dark and in glass or plastic containers.